Physical Growth –

Research has proved that accurate amount of exercises results in optimum growth. PEAK curriculum transforms the PE classes into high intensity Sports classes. Students are continuously working and doing exercises for 40 minutes with regular breaks for hydration. As a result of which the Pituitary glands of the Brain stimulates the optimum proportion of the Growth Hormones. Optimum proportion of growth hormones leads to the accurate development of all kids. A good structured body enhances the self confident of a child.

Social Growth (PEAK, a path to the development of world citizen) -

PEAK exposes all students to almost 18 different sports. Most of the Indian youth are exposed to as much as 2 sport namely Cricket and football. PEAK enables a child to become Sports Literate and sports competent. Knowledge of different sports helps a child to settle in any part of the world and socialize with utmost ease.

Mental Growth -

Every game in the PEAK curriculum encourages the use of intelligence. PEAK exposes students to Tactics of various sports at a very early age. These tactics become a brain exercise and enhances the intelligence of a child.