Health O' Meter (HOM)

IISA is a firm believer of holistic development of a child through its services PEAK and Rising STAR. For this goal to be achieved it becomes very essential for our stakeholders – the school management, along with the teachers and the Parents to understand the factors which are critical for the overall development of a child.

The health of the child is a very important aspect of his all-round development, thus along with P.E and Sports we also monitor the mental and physical fitness of a child using our total Development report card called the Health O' Meter. It not only does the analysis of the physical fitness and growth of a child but also does detail analysis of the Skills and mental fitness acquired by the child in course of the program. Thus, we have experts who come down and give their suggestion towards the social, mental, emotional and physical development of a child with the help of their coach and parents.

IISA believes in the fact that intense PE exercise would lead to stimulation of the growth hormones by the pituitary gland in the Human Brain. This in turn would lead to maximum growth of a child. IISA has a dedicated team of DOCTORS for conducting the Development test.

"HOM has become a vital tool in my life. Simple assumptions of needs are now backed by scientific tests which gives me a feeling of satisfaction. I look forward for the results as it helps me understand the needs of my child. I use the results to amend my child's diet as well. He now plays for the U-14 Maharashtra team. Thank You PEAK for creating HOM" – Mrs Henal Pandya, Parent of Dhrumil Pandya (GHS)

"Health-O-Meter proved to be very effective and it developed many skills in our learners. It enthused sportsmanship in our aspiring sportsmen and women. The is organized in an efficient manner and taught our learners how to work in a group"

- Ms. Fatima (Co-ordinator - RBK, Bhayander)