Grading table for Pre - Primary
Grade Scoring Range
A+ Excellent
A Very Good
B  Good
C Average
D Below Average



How To Improve

Balance Yoga is a popular way to build balance, Exercises to improve balance are:


Standing on One Foot:

Standing on one foot is a basic balancing skill, but not every kid will be able to master it immediately. Start by having him first stand one foot while keeping the other on a stool. As he improves, replace the stool with a ball. Be sure to do this with both legs.

Play Hopscotch:

Hopscotch is a classic activity, and for good reason. It's great for developing balance. For an extra challenge and to get even more out of this game, play it without switching feet. By working on balance, your child will learn to use their muscles properly in order to adjust to changes in movement. This will set them up for success in playing games and sports with their peers


Participating in simple activities like stretching, yoga will help improve flexibility. Flexibility benefits include improved athletic performance, safer participation in physical activity, smoother physical movement, and increased physical and mental relaxation. There should be an emphasis on dynamic stretches like arm circles, skipping and high knees.


Kids' vertical leaps are a measure of how high they can jump. An impressive vertical leap can be an asset in sports, few exercises to improve hopping are:

Jump Rope

Kids can improve their jumping ability by exercising with a jump rope. There are fun jumping patterns that can be used with a jump rope.


The trampoline does not have to be full-size in order for kids to improve their jumping ability by exercising on one mini-trampolines also work. If no trampoline is available, an old mattress can also be used.