Enabling the youth for taking their passion to profession.

What is Star?

STAR- Sports, Travel & Tourism, Arts, Rejuvenation

Sports as a profession are not the most popular choice that looms in the mind of the child and his parents when it's time to decide about the future. The reason may be that sports are very competitive, and it'll take a long time to reach the top. It may be true but with the correct training at the right time will help reaching the top faster.

With that in mind IISA presents the STAR program.

"Through their Rising Star program (football) our all the three schools have football teams of various age categories. We have been participating in the MSSA tournaments now and have achieved great results in the same. Several Players have got also got selected for district and state teams. The program sharply develops skills in football. Moreover, GHS U-14 team also got promoted to higher divisions" – Haresh Suvarna, Sports co-ordinator of Schools of the Goenka trust.

Collaborate efforts of IISA Rising Star coaches and PE department of JNS has lead to a glorious 2013 year in sports section. JNS won ………….


STAR includes various activities which the child has the option to choose from:

Sport: The children can choose from Cricket, Football, Basketball, Skating, Lawn Tennis & Badminton. Apart from these we can also provide other sports as per the school's requirements. All the sports are trained by highly qualified coaches with a huge experience in their fields.

Tourism - Sports: We feel that the child will learn when he observes the best in the field and thus we have a varied set National and International Tournaments in our portfolio. We organize as well as take interested students and teams to several trips and activities, visiting some stadiums, events, tournaments, etc., increasing the knowledge and the passion of children for practicing sports. Recently, we took more than 20 teams including schools like Dhirubhai Ambani School and The International School, Bangalore to Gothia cup in Sweden, and also to Calcutta for the Argentina vs. Venezuela match which was held at the Salt lake Stadium. The match had the best in Football playing – Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Angel Di Maria among the many.

Art: Performing arts help the child to become creative, develop confidence, team work which is very necessary for any child. To encourage Performing arts we provide expert coaches to teach student sports like Judo, Taekwondo and Karate. We have also tied up with Shiamak Dance Education with Specially Designed Curriculum for School Students. The collaboration helps allows children to undertake dance classes at convenient hours during school time or immediately after school hours under the guidance of expert instructors who have been handpicked by Shiamak Davar, himself at Unbelievable Service at unbeatable price.

Rejuvenation: Rejuvenation helps the child to revitalize his mind, body and soul for an optimum growth. We offer activities like Yoga for a complete relaxation and rest of body. Yoga course provided by IISA is specially designed by experts, with the concept of Parent-child Yoga. Parent-child yoga helps to bond the family together. It also gives JOY to the parents of doing an activity with their children.