Grading table for 6th to 8th Grade
Grade Speed and Agility (Secs) Body Endurance (Jumps) Coordination (Catches) Raction Time (Milli seconds)
A+ Below 9 Above 24 Above 20 Below 80
A 9 to 11.99 secs Above 18 to 24 15 to 20 Above 80 to 140
B  12 to 15.99 secs Above 11 to 18 9 to 14 Above 140 to 180
C 16 to 20 secs 4 to 11 2 to 8 Above 180 to 210
D Above 20 Below 4 Below 2 Above 210

Grading table for 9th and above 
Grade Speed and Agility (Secs) Body Endurance (Jumps) Coordination (Catches) Raction Time (Milli seconds)
A+ Below 8.5 Above 26 Above 22 Below 80
A 8.5 to 10.99 secs Above 20 to 26 16 to 22 Above 80 to 140
B 11 secs to 14.49 secs Above 13 to 20 10 to 16 Above 140 to 180 
C 14.50 secs to 17.99 secs 6 to 13 4 to 10 Above 180 to 210
D Above 18 Below 6 Below 4 Above 210 


How To Improve

Speed and agility

Children should be exposed to a variety of movement patterns, which include arm and leg movements performed from a stationary position, jumping moves and exercise that promote spatial awareness.

Exercises that involve running through a maze of cones, moving in figure eight patterns and jumping and landing in a controlled manner are also suitable.

Hand eye coordination

Play a sport that involves a racquet, whether that is ping pong, tennis or racquetball. The concept of hitting a ball with the racquet is the same as hitting a ball with a bat except you also have to factor in your opponent's moves as well.

Pick up a baseball, wiffleball or softball bat and take aim. It requires hand-eye skill to hit a ball with a bat. Playing catch has the same effect. If you know how to improve eye hand coordination, you can become better at your chosen sport

Body Endurance

Strengthen the 'core' (namely the large central muscles) of the body to provide greater body (especially trunk) stability.

Simplify specific physical skills into one or two step components to teach the skill and then gradually add in components until the skill is able to be done in its entirety (e.g. skipping – start with a step, then a hop).

Gradually increase duration and intensity of activity to increase endurance.

Reaction time

Use a Reaction Ball: Reaction balls are balls that have little lumps all over them causing them to bounce in random directions. Not only can using a reaction ball help increase reaction time, but they can also provide a pretty decent workout once you become more accustomed to them.

Balloon Kicks: Fill a balloon and try to keep it in the air for as long as possible just by kicking it with your feet. You can make this more challenging by adding obstacles to the surrounding area.