Smart Equipment and ExercisesTM

The PEAK curriculum is categorized into four different age groups. Keeping in mind the Psychology and Physical needs of a child in every age group the exercises and fun games are designed to achieve Optimum efficacy of the curriculum.

IISA provides International Standard, age appropriate equipment for the PEAK curriculum to the schools. IISA is responsible for ensuring adequate quantity of equipments for PE classes the equipment covers the entire curriculum. An up to date medical box is an important part of the IISA's equipment Kit.

To overcome the hurdle of space constraints IISA makes use of It's Smart Equipment and Exercises. Aim is to provide students adequate training of various sports in the space available. The combination of Smart equipments and smart exercises enhances the efficacy of PEAK curriculum.

"Smart Exercises and Equipment are the unique solutions to overcome the space constraints. It has given our students an opportunity to learn multiple sports within the school campus. This saves immense amount of travelling time to the ground" – MBIS school, Charmaine Fernandez, Administrator.